The Band

Mick Martin - Vocals and Harmonica

Bruce Pressley - Drums and Percussion.

Russ Skarsten - Keyboards.

Tim Barnes - Lead Guitar.

Steve Schofer (RIP) - Bass

I just want to thank everyone who responded to the news of Steve Schofer’s passing. No one could have asked for a better friend, adviser and musical collaborator, His heart was big and full of love; his talent prodigious. If not for my family — Diane, Francesca, Jason, Dominic and my soon-to-be 90-year-old Blues Lovin’ Mama, as well as the many musicians who have made my life and heart so full — I would not want to face another day. There are people you meet in your walk of life who set a standard of conduct you try to live up to and Steve Schofer was and is my guiding light.

Mick Martin